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The Ark’s resident musical group, Steve Hess & Southern Salvation, are celebrating Christmas twice each day at the Answers Center Theater during the season. Steve Hess was tasked earlier in the year to write and create a Christmas Musical as one of the Ark’s ‘ChristmasTime at Ark Encounter’ events this year. This led to Steve composing several original Christmas songs, the inclusion of some Christmas favorites and writing a musical that leads the main character of the play on a journey to discover the real meaning of Christmas and ‘A Reason To Celebrate’.

One of the compositions used in the production of ‘A Reason To Celebrate’ is a collaboration with group member, John McCall, and is titled, “Luke 2, The Christmas Story”. The creation of this song involved taking the passage from Luke 2:9-14 and creating a song using the words in the King James Version. This is the most popular and traditional reading used during Christmas presentations and programs in churches and presentations across the nation. This new Christmas song is also being used in promoting the ‘ChristmasTime at Ark Encounter’ event by founder Ken Ham and the Ark Encounter.

“Luke 2, The Christmas Story” is available on all digital streaming outlets. “Luke 2, The Christmas Story”

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The Christmas Story, Luke 2, Christmas Music, Christmas Musical, Ark Encounter