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Information: Released in March 2016, this debut single from the newly signed Ascension Quartet is from their new album, 'Instrument of Grace'. Be ready for this quartet to make some waves with four great singers, Wayne Hughes (tenor), Lathan Moore (baritone), Bruce Horton (lead) and Walter Hayes (bass). The new project is on Mansion Entertainment and is distributed through Sony RED.

"The Lord Knows What To Do" - The Ascension Quartet 

Writer: Rodney Griffith

Publishing: Songs of Greater Vision/BMI

Project Title: 'Instrument of Grace'

Intro: 0:07

Time: 2:44

For more information about The Ascension Quartet visit them at The Ascension Quartet.

Ascension Quartet Cover


"The Lord Knows What To Do" - The Ascension Quartet

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