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More Information: Mark Carman is a GRAMMY nominated produced, noted for such projects T. Graham Brown's 'Forever Changed' and Palmetto State Quartet's 'Grace' album with the Singing News Top 10 chart hit, "Don't That Sound Like Heaven". Mark is also a notable songwriter, musician and singer as showcased in this single release "Take Jesus Fishing".

"Take Jesus Fishing" - Mark Carman

Writer: Mark Carman

Publisher: Piney River Publishing/BMI

Project Title: Single Release

Label: MCM World

Intro: 0:10

Time: 3:58

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mark carman piano

10 Take Jesus Fishing - Mark Carman.mp3

VersionAug/Sept 2015 Release
Total Files1
Create DateAugust 16, 2015
Last UpdatedAugust 17, 2015
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