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Gene Bicknell has made 15 movies, directed the patriotic Broadway musical titled “Celebrate America” in Branson, authored books, recorded numerous albums and is still producing and acting in TV and movie projects. His humanitarian efforts have taken him overseas to entertain the U.S. Troops with an entourage of 27 entertainers. Bicknell, an Army veteran himself, is a successful entrepreneur and example of the American Dream in action with his humble beginning growing up in Kansas to his successes in entertainment and business.

Single Title & Artist: "Special One" -  Gene Bicknell

Writer: Gene Bicknell

Publishing: My Six Kids/BMI

Project Title: The Christmas Story with Gene Bicknell & Friends

Record Label: Mansion Entertainment

Time: 2:47

ISRC #: UST6V1900076

Special One - Gene Bicknell
  1. Special One - Gene Bicknell

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