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Rock Stars never really set out to be "Rock Stars". They set out determined not to conform to the mindless masses and follow after their own convictions. Brad Davis has marched to his own beat along the way, sat in with Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters for a few years on guitar and lent his talent to a host of other records and endeavors as well as picking up a GRAMMY along the way. His advice to anyone else walking their own path… don't conform, don't be one of the zombies of society. Be who YOU are…do what YOU do….those are the REAL Rock Stars!

Rock Star Zombie Killer (Lyric Video)

Artist: Brad Davis
Title: Rock Star Zombie Killer
Writers: Brad Davis, John Mathis
Publishers: Brad Davis Music/BMI, Keely Shaye Music/BMI, Mansion Entertainment/BMI
Time: 2:30
Intro: 23
Outro: Cold
Copyright: Mansion Entertainment / 2015
ISRC #: US-T6V-15-00099
UPC #:701122549421
Lyrics Rating: Non-explicit

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Rock Star Zombie Killer - Brad Davis (WAV file) Download 
Rock Star Zombie Killer - Brad Davis (MP3 file) Download 
  1. Rock Star Zombie Killer - Brad Davis (WAV file)
  2. Rock Star Zombie Killer - Brad Davis (MP3 file)

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