Full Download For Mansion Radio Hits Volume 17, including Tracking Sheet.

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New Music Releases:

1. Steve Hess & Southern Salvation - "He Saw That It Was Good" (3:04)
Label: Mansion
(Dianne Wilkinson - Christian Taylor Music/BMI)

2. Cindy Hughlett - "Trust Me" (3:36)
Label: Mansion
(Cindy Hughlett - Cindy Hughlett Music/ASCAP)

3. Sherry Anne - "Little Lamb" (3:33)
Label: Mansion
(Libby Thomas - Grape Arbor Music/BMI)

4. Perkins Revival - "What A Wonderful Day" (4:17)
Label: Mansion
(Ricky Perkins - Chris White Music/BMI)

5. The Frosts - "That Which Cost Me Nothing" (4:34)
Label: Mansion
(Michael Jason Frost - Chris White Music/BMI, Asheville Music Publishing/BMI)

6. Christy Sutherland - "Softly And Tenderly" (3:28)
Label: Mansion
(Will Thompson - Public Domain)

7. Jody Watson - "Thank You God For My Momma" (3:56)
Label: Manor House
(Jody Watson - Jody Watson/BMI)

8. Gene Bicknell - "The Water And The Blood" (2:22)
Label: Mansion
(Gene Strasser - Country Party Music/BMI)

Bonus Releases:

9. Gerald Crabb (Special Guess: Sonya Isaacs) - "He Loved Till He Died" (3:21)
Label: Premier Crabb Productions
(Gerald Crabb - Gerald Crabb's Songs/BMI)

10. T. Graham Brown (Special Guest: Jeff & Sheri Easter) - "Power Of Love" (3:32)
Label: Mansion
(G. Nicholson, D. Cook - Four Sons Music/ASCAP, Sony/ATV Cross Keys/ASCAP, White Cottage Music/ASCAP)

Bluegrass Releases:

11. East Ridge Boys - "Oh Dear Sinner" (3:45)
(Tom Burress - Tom-Me-Bee Publishing/BMI)
Label: Bluegrass Valley / Mansion

12. Tonja Rose - "When The Mountain Can't Be Moved" (3:38)
Label: Bluegrass Valley / Mansion
(Tonja Rose, John Mathis - A J Not Y Music/ASCAP, Mansion Entertainment/BMI)

13. Brad Davis - "Mick Jagger Jesus" (3:45)
Label: Louisiana Hayride Records
(Paula Breedlove, Brad Davis, John Mathis - PaulaJon Music/ASCAP, Brad Davis Music/BMI, Keely Shaye Music/BMI, Mansion Entertainment/BMI)

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Mick Jagger Jesus - Brad Davis
When The Mountain Can t Be Moved - Tonja Rose
Oh Dear Sinner - East Ridge Boys
Power of Love - T Graham Brown w Jeff and Sheri Easter
MRH Vol 17 Tracking Sheet
He Loved Till He Died - Gerald Crabb w Sonya Isaacs
The Water and The Blood - Gene Bicknell
Thank You God For My Momma - Jody Watson
Softly And Tenderly - Christy Sutherland
That Which Cost Me Nothing - The Frosts
What A Wonderful Day - Perkins Revival
Little Lamb - Sherry Anne
Trust Me - Cindy Hughlett
He Saw That It Was Good - Steve Hess and Southern Salvation

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