Radio listeners will enjoy this round of Christmas releases from Mansion Entertainment that range from timeless Christmas classics to new original Christmas songs from some favorite artists! Download the entire 9 songs, including tracking sheet.

"Mary Had A Little Lamb" - T. Graham Brown (2:55)
(T. Graham Brown, Sheila Brown, Jimmy Fortune - River of Time Music/BMI, Jimmy Fortune Music/BMI)

"Joseph's Lullaby" - John Berry (3:21)
(Bart Millard, Brown Bannister - Simpleville Music/ASCAP, Banistuci Music/ASCAP)

"Sweet Little Jesus Boy" - Sherry Anne (3:28)
(Public Domain)

"Mary's Very First Christmas" - Local Honey (3:07)
(Wood Newton, Daniel Johnson, Mike Loudermilk - Rope A Note Music/BMI, Brown Box Music/BMI, Love 'Em or Leave 'Em Music/BMI)

"Do You Hear What I Hear?" - Gene Bicknell and Elli Lauren (3:37)
(Public Domain)

"Louisiana Christmas Day" - Three Bridges (2:35)
(James William Cox - Almo Music Corp/ASCAP, Chief Jolly Music/ASCAP, McUdbe Music/ASCAP)

O Holy Night - John Berry (5:39)
(Public Domain)

Away In A Manger - T. Graham Brown (3:40)
(Public Domain)

Go Tell It On The Mountain - Crosby Lane (2:07)
(Public Domain)

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Track Listing for Mansion Christmas Releases 2016.pdf
12 Sweet Little Jesus Boy - Sherry Anne.mp3
11 Josephs Lullaby - John Berry.mp3
18 Go Tell It On The Mountain - Crosby Lane.mp3
17 Away In A Manger - T Graham Brown.mp3
O Holy Night - John Berry.mp3
15 Louisiana Christmas Day - Three Bridges.mp3
14 Do You Hear What I Hear - Gene Bicknell and Elli Lauren.mp3
13 Mary\'s Very First Christmas - Local Honey.mp3
10 Mary Had A Little Lamb - T Graham Brown.mp3

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