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This new Christmas song is the King James Version (in song) of Luke 2:9-14 sung by John McCall of Steve Hess & Southern Salvation.

SHSS are the resident artists at The Ark Counter / Creation Museum (Ken Ham) this song was introduced during the 'A Reason To Celebrate' Christmas production presented at The Ark Encounter in 2019.

Release Title: "Luke 2, The Christmas Story" - John McCall

Writers: John McCall, Steve Hess

Publishing: Mansion Entertainment/BMI, Lizzie Dog Publishing/BMI

Project Title: Radio Single

Record Label: Mansion Entertainment, distributed by The Orchard (a division of Sony Music)

Time: 2:40

ISRC #: UST6V1900079

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For more information about SHSS and their work resident artists at The Ark Encounter, visit:

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