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Information: “God Made The Rainbow” was co-written by Steve Hess and John Mathis Jr. under the guidance and direction of CEO and Founder of The Ark Encounter, Ken Ham. This is the fourth song that has been written with the specific purpose of reinforcing Biblical teachings such as creation, the foundation of the Bible, pro-life and the true meaning of the rainbow.  It is important to Ken to relay Biblical foundations and accounts to visitor at The Ark, not only in attractions but in the music as well. This is a bonus release to radio, we wanted to share this account of the true meaning of the rainbow in song. 

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Release Title: God Made The Rainbow - Steve Hess & Southern Salvation

Writers: Steve Hess, John Mathis Jr.

Publishing: Lizzie Dog Publishing/BMI, Avid Group Publishing/BMI

Project Title: Bonus Single

Record Label: Mansion Entertainment, distributed by Syntax Creative

Time: 3:42

ISRC #: UST6V2100838

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