Benjy Gaither is a talented singer and songwriter, there's no doubt about that. Singing and writing songs have always been his base and what he cut his creative chops on. But Benjy's talent has carried him into many arenas such as producing and providing the music for the movie, 'The Last Ride - A Story Of Hank Williams', and lending his vocal talent to other movies such as Hoodwinked, just to name a few.

His co-writing around Nashville led him to a friendship and writing songs with the late, great hit-songwriter Kim Williams, and from there, a drive to release a new EP, 'Front Porch Tequila Night'.

Three of the five songs from the EP include Williams's co-writes and before Williams could see his collaborator release these new recordings, he passed away in February 2016.

'Front Porch Tequila Night' releases May 6th, 2016 by Mansion Entertainment (distribution by Sony RED). The first single from the release is "Get Enuff", and yes, it's one of the co-writes that included Kim Williams and Jeff Silvey. The single begins arriving at Country Radio in mid-April and is dedicated to Kim.

"We know you're listening Kim!"

Release Information:

Single: "Get Enuff" - Benjy Gaither (Going for spins/adds April 29)

Writers: Benjy Gaither, Jeff Silvey, Kim Williams

Publishers: Ghost Munchers Music/BMI, Mansion Entertainment/BMI, Wimberley Music/BMI, Clinch Mountain Dreamer/SESAC

Time: 2:59

EP: Front Porch Tequila Night

EP Release Date: 5/6/2016

Label: Mansion Entertainment / Sony RED

Press Release: Benjy Gaither EP Press Release

iTunes link: 'Front Porch Tequila Night'

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Official Lyric Video for "Get Enuff" on VEVO.

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Take a listen to Benjy Gaither on The Morning Stampede, K102 Country in Spokane, WA on April 29, 2016.

Get Enuff - Benjy Gaither

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