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Information: When you are going through the process of making a new album and along the way, industry veterans who have heard it all, begin to say "Wow!" know you're doing something right and creating something that listeners are going to respond to as well.  Crosby Lane has captured that kind of experience in their new single, "Crucified"! 

The video single was released in January 2016 and landed in the GAC TV rotation, along with numerous other networks and programs including

FULL ALBUM VERSION and RADIO EDIT downloads are available for programmers. 


Crosby Lane is comprised of singer-songwriter Tonja Rose, multi- Dove nominated songwriter, singer and instrumentalist John Lemonis, and vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter Michaela Lemonis. The group enjoyed a successful release of their first album, 'Story & Song'
through Mansion Entertainment with distribution through Sony RED. 

Their new album is a continuation of Crosby Lane's eclectic rootsy Gospel style.The title track, "Crucified" was written by group members John and Michaela Lemonis and features the dobro stylings of Rob Ikes.

Title & Artist: "Crucified" - Crosby Lane

Writers: John Lemonis, Michaela Lemonis

Publishing: Mansion America/ASCAP

Project Title: 'Crucified' (Release date: Dec 11, 2015)

Label: Mansion Americana / Mansion Entertainment

Intro: 0:39

Radio Edit Version Time: 3:11

Video Release Via Social Media: "Crucified"

Download from PlayMPE: "Crucified" by Crosby Lane (Album Version)

Crosby Lane Crucified 1500 x1500

Crucified - Crosby Lane (RADIO EDIT MP3)
  1. Crucified - Crosby Lane (RADIO EDIT MP3)

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