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Radio Formats: Southern Gospel

Artist Information: "Don't That Sound Like Heaven" was from the 2011 album release, 'Grace', by Palmetto State. The song became a Singing News Top 10. Eights years later many radio programmers are requesting copies for airplay, so we have made it available!

The song struck a chord with the Pro-Life movement with the lines "Now there's a special place in Heaven, where the unborn babies play, and they're rocked in arms by mama's whose chance had slipped away. And all the unwanted the children can say my Daddy He's a king, and there's smiles on all their faces as they spin around and sing". 

If this song sounds personal, the writer of the song, Terry Evans, wrote this after his son was murdered. Terry's hope in this tragedy is that one day, he will be reunited with his song. Don't that sound like Heaven?

Performed by David Darst, the line up of the quartet on the 'Grace' album featured Larry Strickland (bass), Robert Fulton (tenor) and Paul Lancaster (baritone).

Release Title: "Don't That Sound Like Heaven" - Palmetto State

Writers: Terry Evans

Publishing: Mansion Entertainment/BMI, Songs of Peaceful Valley/BMI

Project Title: Single release

Record Label: Mansion Entertainment

Time: 4:38

ISRC #:UST6V1600144

Don't That Sound Like Heaven, Palmetto State, Pro-Life, anti-abortion, Southern Gospel, Singing News Top 20

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