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Crosby Lane - "Crucified"
(John Lemonis, Michaela Lemonis - Mansion America/ASCAP)
Intro: 0:37 Time: 3:11

The Griffith Family - "Give His Love Away"
(Donna King - Journey Press/BMI)
Intro: 0:18 Time: 3:57

Steve Hess & Southern Salvation - "Mercy Still Flows"
(Dianne Wilkinson / Christian Taylor Music/BMI)
Intro: 0:13 Time: 3:25

Christy Sutherland - "God Will Take Care Of You"
(Civilla D. Martin / Public Domain)
Intro: 0:12 Time: 3:09

Three Bridges - "Made Up Mind"
(Randy Phillips, Jeff Silvey, Lowell Alexander / EMI Christian Music/ASCAP, PraiseSong Press/ASCAP, Dayspring Music/BMI)
Intro: 0:14 Time: 3:33

T. Graham Brown (feat. The Oak Ridge Boys) - "How Do You Know"
(G. Nicholson, D. Bramlett/ Gary Nicholson Music/ASCAP, Delaney Bramlett Music/BMI)
Intro: 0:07 Time: 4:27

Ascension Quartet - "The Lord Knows What To Do"
(Rodney Griffith / Songs of Greater Vision/BMI)
Intro: 0:07 Time: 2:44

Perkins Revival - "Climb Any Mountain"
(Ricky Perkins - Mansion Entertainment/BMI)
Intro: 0:17 Time: 3:40

Cindy Hughlett - "Make It To The Mountain"
(Cindy Hughlett, Ron Oats / Piney River Publishing/BMI, Rong Songs/ASCAP)
Intro: 0:14 Time: 3:29

Kenzie Walker - "The Smallest Gifts"
(Carl Cartree, Sue Smith, Kenna West/ Bridge Building Music/BMI, Day Spring Music/BMI, Electra Car Publishing/BMI)
Intro: 0:17 Time: 3:35

Demetria Stallings - "I've Seen What He Can Do"
(Lee Black, Sue Smith, Kenna West / House of Blacks Music/ASCAP, CCTB Music/ASCAP, Christian Taylor Music/BMI)
Intro: 0:14 Time: 3:39

Sherry Anne - "I Know My God Cares For Me"
(Ken Harnden, Andrew Martin/ Janken Music/SOCAN)
Intro: 0:10 Time: 3:16

Kaitlyn Baker - "Have A Little Faith"
(Kaitlyn Baker, J. Scott Arnold / Mansion Entertainment/BMI)
Intro: 0:10 Time: 3:23

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