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Mansion Radio Hits Downloads

Listed below are links to recent Mansion Radio Hits downloads, available in 320kb MP3’s. Contact John Mathis for access: jmathis [at] themansionentertainment [dot] com

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Mansion Radio Hits Volume 16 – Fall 2017

Full Download of All 12 Songs (with tracking sheet) – Mansion Radio Hits Vol 16

“Jesus Saves” – Three Bridges 

“Praise My Way Out” – Steve Hess & Southern Salvation

“At The Cross” – Crosby Lane

“Rock Of Ages” – Christy Sutherland

“Salvation Is Found On A Cross” – The Ascension Quartet

“Singing This Song To You” – Sherry Anne

“When It’s My Time” – Perkins Revival

“Shelter Of His Love” – Benjy Gaither

“Love You Just The Same” – The Frosts

“Holy Spirit Flow Through Me” – The Walkers

“Where Shall I Be” – Keith McKinney

“Where Jesus Would Go” – Gene Bicknell

Mansion Radio Hits – Christmas 2017

Full Download of All 6 Christmas Release (with tracking sheet)

Mansion Radio Hits Volume 15 – Spring 2017

Full Download of All 9 Songs (with tracking sheet) – Mansion Radio Hits Vol 15

“How Great The Debt” – Steve Hess & Southern Salvation

“Livin’ In The Lion’s Den” – Three Bridges

“In The Garden” – Crosby Lane

“Nothing Without You” – The Griffith Family

“Great Is Thy Faithfulness” – Christy Sutherland

“Instrument Of Grace” – The Ascension Quartet

“Only Jesus” – Perkins Revival

“Where Would I Be” – Sherry Anne

Tribute To Dad’s – Bonus Track for Father’s Day

“Just What My Dad Would’ve Done” – Brad Davis

DOWNLOAD Mansion Radio Hits Volume 15 from AirplayDirect.com

Mansion Radio Hits Volume 14 – Nov 2016/Jan 2017

Full Download of All 9 Songs (with tracking sheet) – Mansion Radio Hits Vol 14

“Shadrach” – Three Bridges

“Carry The Message” – Steve Hess & Southern Salvation

“I’m Gonna Leave The Light On” – The Griffith Family

“You Love Me” – Crosby Lane

“Turn Your Eyes On Jesus” – Christy Sutherland

“I Know My Redeemer Lives” – The Ascension Quartet

“The Race” – Perkins Revival

“You Came” – Sherry Anne

“People Get Ready” – T. Graham Brown (feat Jason Crabb, The Oaks, Leon Russell & Steve Cropper)

Mansion Radio Hits – Christmas 2016

“Sweet Little Jesus Boy” – Christy Sutherland (2:04)

Download ALL 9 release with Tracking Sheet (From Mansion Radio Hits Vol 14)
“Mary Had A Little Lamb” – T. Graham Brown (2:55)
“Joseph’s Lullaby” – John Berry (3:21)
“Sweet Little Jesus Boy” – Sherry Anne (3:24)
“Mary’s Very First Christmas” – Local Honey (3:07)
“Do You Hear What I Hear?” – Gene Bicknell and Elli Lauren (3:37)
“Louisiana Christmas Day” – Three Bridges (2:35)
“O Holy Night” – John Berry (5:39)
“Away In A Manger” – T. Graham Brown (3:40)
“Go Tell It On The Mountain” – Crosby Lane (2:07)

Americana & Country Music Radio – Christmas 2016

“Come Play Santa With Me” – Brad Davis (3:21)

Mansion Radio Hits Volume 13 – March 2016

“Crucified” – Crosby Lane

“Give His Love Away” – The Griffith Family

“Mercy Still Flows” – Steve Hess & Southern Salvation

“God Will Take Care Of You” – Christy Sutherland

“Made Up Mind” – Three Bridges

“How Do You Know” – T. Graham Brown featuring The Oak Ridge Boys

“The Lord Knows What To Do” – The Ascension Quartet

“Climb Any Mountain” – Perkins Revival

“Make It To The Mountain” – Cindy Hughlett

“The Smallest Gifts” – Kenzie Walker

“I’ve Seen What He Can Do” – Demetria Stallings

“I Know My God Cares For Me” – Sherry Anne

“Have A Little Faith” – Kaitlyn Baker

Download ALL 13 Releases Via This Page

PDF Tracking Sheet Download Only

Mansion Radio Hits Volume 12 – Oct 2015

“Ready” – Steve Hess & Southern Salvation (Singing News Select Artist)

“Livin’ Forgiven” – Three Bridges

“Soul Talk” – T. Graham Brown featuring Jason Crabb

“Doin’ Somethin’ For You” – The Griffith Family

“Old Rugged Cross” – Crosby Lane

“We Will Bow” – Freedom Quartet

“The Way” – Cindy Hughlett

“Definitely You” – Kenzie Walker

“To Be Forgiven” – Sherry Anne

“Take Jesus Fishing” – Mark Carman

Father’s Day Release

“Just What My Dad Would’ve Done” – Brad Davis

Bluegrass Releases

“Black Sheep” – Brad Davis (Top 10 on the Singing News Bluegrass Gospel Chart – Feb 2016)

Country Radio Releases

“Crucified” – Crosby Lane

“Santa Claus Is Coming In A UFO” – T. Graham Brown (Christmas Release)

“Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” – Kaitlyn Baker (Christmas Release)

Folk/Rock Radio Release

“Rock Star Zombie Killer” – Brad Davis (Oct, 2015)

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