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Mansion Entertainment has kicked off the new year with its first round of music releases to Christian Radio. The latest round of singles cover Christian radio formats such as Southern Gospel, Christian Country and Bluegrass Gospel. Mansion Entertainment has been releasing music to Christian Radio for over 12 years with a host of Number Ones and Top 40 charting songs to its credit. Radio programmers can receive radio service by contacting John Mathis Jr. (Radio programmers can also download the new releases via

Track listing of new radio releases:

Billy Walker – “Walk Away” (3:46)
(Gerald Crabb – Bravo and Encore Music/BMI, Christian Taylor Songs/BMI)
ISRC: UST6V2100839

Tonja Rose feat East Ridge Boys – “Devil Give Up” (2:44)
(Tonja Rose, Mark Narmore – A J Not Y Publishing/ASCAP, Oven Music Inc/BMI)
ISRC: UST6V2200042

Caleb Howard – “Always Something” (3:13)
(Gerald Crabb, John Mathis Jr. – Christian Taylor Music/BMI, Avid Group Publishing/BMI)
ISRC: UST6V2200043

Sherry Anne – “Still The God Who Parts The Sea” (4:06)
(Sherry Anne, Toni Jolene Clay – Arya’s Song Music/BMI, Yours For a Song Music/BMI)
ISRC: QM9A92030131

Cindy Hughlett – “Give Me Jesus” (3:47)
(Public Domain) ISRC: QZCQX1900102

Rusty Rowan – “Livin’ Forgiven” (4:02)
(Rusty Rowan – Bernardo Publishing/BMI) ISRC: UST6V2200044

The Dunnams – “I Lean On You, Lord” (3:50)
(Carroll McGruder – Rex Nelon Music Company/BMI) ISRC: USCGJ1875371

The Frosts – “Isn’t It Enough That He Died?” (3:36)
(Michael Jason Frost – Morning Frost Music/BMI) ISRC: QMXG22000071

Steve Hess and Southern Salvation – “Burden Lifter” (2:39)
(Debbie Davis, Karen Gillespie – Asheville Music Pub/BMI, Chris White Music/BMI) ISRC: UST6V2000010

Aaron Vance – “Love Sweet Love Sweet Love” (3:11)
(Aaron Vance, Daniel Johnson, Hal Newman – Windy Holler Music/ASCAP, Brown Box Music/BMI)
ISRC: UST6V2200045

Bonus Cut:

Gene Bicknell – “God’s Promises of Love (In The Garden)” (3:09)
(“In The Garden” – Public Domain) ISRC: UST6V1900014

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