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Denis Castillo was in the Mansion Entertainment recording studio in Franklin, TN during the month of July, with producer John Mathis Jr., recording songs for a new album.

One of the first things they recorded was a version of “There Was Jesus”, in Spanish. “Jesús Estaba” was released to all digital streaming outlets on July 25 and made available to Spanish language radio stations and programs via

“Jesús Estaba” is one of the first Spanish language versions of “There Was Jesus”, made popular by Zach Williams, and will be a part of a full album of popular worship songs and original songs to be released later this year.

Denis Castillo has been in the international music ministry for almost 2 decades serving in Guatemala, Mexico and the United States using music to share the gospel. Denis Castillo and Hijos de Luz have received recognition for the 5 albums they have recorded, but the greatest award has been serving God and having the love of so many people. Denis is very grateful for the support of his wife and children and the support of his little brother, Jordan Alfaro.

You can stream “Jesús Estaba” on your favorite streaming service: “Jesús Estaba”

(Pictured at the top of this article: Denis Castillo, John Mathis Jr and Jordan Alfaro.)

There Was Jesus Spanish Version, There Was Jesus Spanish lyrics, Jesus Estaba, There Was Jesus en español, Música Cristiana, Zach Williams in Spanish, Dolly Parton
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“There Was Jesus” Spanish version, “There Was Jesus” en español, There Was Jesus Spanish version, “Jesús Estaba” letras, musica cristiana, adoracion