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With the release of Mansion Radio Hits Volume 20, and arrival of fall, 2019, Mansion Entertainment is celebrating 10 years of releasing music to radio. Over the past 10 years Mansion has enjoyed multiple top charting songs across a variety Christian Music genres. While targeting Christian Radio with its releases, songs have made playlists across additional formats including Country Music and Bluegrass stations over the years.

The latest round of radio releases were serviced to radio in digital format during the month of October, 2019 with several songs already populating industry weekly charts. Mansion would like to thank all the artists, radio programmers, radio promoters and listeners of radio for the last 10 years of success!

Radio programmers can obtain the new releases via the Mansion Radio page or via

Mansion Radio Hits Volume 20



“Three Beating Hearts” – Steve Hess & Southern Salvation (3:51)
(Dan Anderson, Steve Hess, John Mathis Jr. – Lizzy Dog Publishing/BMI, Avid Group Publishing/BMI)

“My Daddy’s Chair” – Cindy Hughlett (3:48)
(Chad Roland, Jerry Glidewell – Middle C Melodies, G Major Music/BMI)

“Down At The Altar” – Pardoned (2:56)
(Rusty Rowan/BMI)

“Broken People” – Point of Honor (4:13)
(Frankie Hiett King, Sue C. Smith, Dennis Dearing – Point of Honor Music/BMI, Universal-Brentwood Benson Songs/BMI, Hey, Mr. Wilson Music/ASCAP)

“God’s Gonna Give You A Testimony” – The Frosts (4:41)
(Michael Jason Frost – LeeMike Music / BMI)

“I Can’t Even Walk/Precious Lord” – Sherry Anne (3:49)
(Joyce & Colbert Croft – Word Music/BMI | Thomas Dorsey – Public domain)

“I Believe He Died For Me” – Jeremy Calloway (5:01)
(Joyce & Colbert Croft – Curb Dayspring Music/BMI)


“Walking The Sea” – Ben Speer (3:42)
(Earnest Rippetoe – Bridge Building Music/BMI)

“Bring It All” – Tim Fugatt (5:41)
(John Mathis Jr. – Avid Group Publishing/BMI)


“I’m Not Who I Used To Be” – Tonja Rose (3:47)
(Tonja Rose, Erin Ashleigh – A J Not YMusic/ ASCAP)

“Turkey Buzzard” – East Ridge Boys (3:18)
(‘Country’ Johnny Mathis, John Mathis Jr. – Avid Group Publishing/BMI)

“I Will Lay My Burdens Down” – Brother Daniel (4:00)
(Daniel L. Johnson – Brown Box Music/BMI)


“Mary Had A Little Lamb” – T. Graham Brown (2:55)
(T. Graham Brown, Sheila Brown, Jimmy Fortune – River of Time Music/BMIS, Jimmy Fortune Music/BMI)

“Amen, Amen” – Sherry Anne (2:36)
(Public Domain)

“Joy To The World” – The Tennessee Christmas Carolers (2:20)
(Public Domain)

“A Christmas I Love You” – Brother Daniel (3:16)
(Daniel L. Johnson, Paul S. Chapman – Brown Box Music/BMI, Times & Seasons Music/BMI)

“Special One” – Gene Bicknell (2:47)
(Gene Bicknell – My Six Kids/BMI)