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The new album by Cindy Hughlett, ‘Finding Solace’, released Friday, June 7th. The very title of the album can bring a bit of intrigue as to its musical content. The very definition of “Solace” is to give comfort to in grief or misfortune: console. The title isn’t without purpose and is the culmination of a journey that began with a simple request. Here is Cindy to recount how the theme of ‘Finding Solace’ was born:


It started with a request, “Write a song for a church celebrating it’s 95th anniversary.” I began to think … “What if the building told the story?”. So “809 Texas Ave (If These Walls Could Talk)”, the first song for ‘Finding Solace’, was born.

From births, weddings and parties, this church had seen many celebrations. It had also witnessed trials, times of need, war, sickness and death, loved ones saying their final goodbyes. It wasn’t about the building. Going to my piano, I continued to be inspired to write. I had questions that needed answers. I never dreamed there would be a time that I would fear for my personal safety to go to church or worry about my granddaughters going to school or going to the movies. What about my friends that have cancer, or my mom’s dementia or the fact I’m not getting any younger? But … I Am Learning.

Which leads to my least favorite thing in life….. “Change”! Words poured out for this song as I was reminded, He is good… and He is God, even when things change. I think back to the church, the strength wasn’t in its four walls, but in the Almighty God they came to worship. It was relationships, taking time to do life together….. to listen….. to care….. and to love …

There will be times I’m in the desert and I desperately need Living Water, but I remind myself, there is something much greater that lies ahead on the other shore. Jesus is everything I need in the morning when I rise….. or when I come to die. As I Surrender All, I am Finding Solace.


‘Finding Solace’ was produced by Ron Oates is available on all digital outlets. To find more information about Cindy Hughlett or to contact her, visit her website:

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