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Mansion Entertainment has released another round of radio singles to Christian Radio covering a variety of genres including Southern Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, Christian Country and Worship Radio. This year marks 10 years of releasing music to radio for Mansion with a multitude of charting songs during the past decade across charts such as The Singing News, Singing News Bluegrass Gospel, SGN Scoops, Affirm Souhern Gospel Radio, Southern Gospel Times, Absolutely Gospel, Cashbox and others. Many of the releases air on the playlists of national platforms such a Paul Heil’s The Gospel Great, The Moody Radio Network, XM’s Enlighten, The Singing News Radio Network and on The Legendary 650 AM WSM radio out of Nashville, Home of the Grand Old Opry.

A special re-release was made available to radio programmers of “Don’t That Sound Like Heaven”, a Singing News Top 10 charting song 7 years ago. “Don’t That Sound Like Heaven” was from the 2011 album release, ‘Grace’, by Palmetto State. The song struck a chord with the Pro-Life movement with the lines

“Now there’s a special place in Heaven
Where the unborn babies play
And they’re rocked in arms by mama’s
Whose chance had slipped away
And all the unwanted the children
Can say my Daddy He’s a king
And there’s smiles on all their faces
As they spin around and sing”

The song was performed by David Darst, the line up of Palmetto State on the ‘Grace’ album also featured Larry Strickland (bass), Robert Fulton (tenor) and Paul Lancaster (baritone). Due to recent radio programmer requests for the song, it was made available again. The release is available to programmers via digital download from Mansion or AirplayDirect. (Contact John Mathis Jr. for radio service at jmathis [at] themansionentertainment [dot] com)

Other new releases include singles from Cindy Hughlett, following up on her CASHBOX Number 1 with Marty Raybon, Sherry Anne releasing a debut single from her Sherry Anne LIVE! DVD, a Top 5 Billboard Video Sales charting project, Tonja Rose following up on another Singing News Bluegrass Gospel Top 10, and a new release from the featured artists at the Noah’s Ark Theater & Creation Museum, Steve Hess & Southern Salvation. Plus new music from Victory Side Quartet, The Frosts and Pardoned. Making their debut on the Mansion Radio Hits releases is Point of Honor, Tammy Jones Robinette, Sam Durrence, Jeremy Calloway, Worth It Worship, Spring Hill Worship and a devotional narrated by Gene Bicknell that features the classic song, “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”, performed by Ben Speer.

Sam Durrence is no stranger to music and marks his return to music with this new release. Sam had a multiple charting career in Country Music in Canada and the U.S. on RCA Records. Tammy Jones Robinette has over 26 Top 80 charting singles to her credit. This round of releases also marks the beginning of radio service to Worship Radio with the release of “Symphony”, written by Paula Stefanovich and performed live by worship leaders from the Worth It Worship Conference in 2018. “Under His Beautiful Wings” by Spring Hill Worship features Tim Fugatt and was written by Dove Award winning songwriters, Benjy Gaither and Mark Gersmehl.


Southern Gospel Releases:

1. “Don’t That Sound Like Heaven” – Palmetto State (4:38)
(Terry Evans – Mansion Entertainment/BMI, Songs of Peaceful Valley/BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1600144

2. “Through The Years” – Steve Hess & Southern Salvation (4:20)
(Fred Hess / Lizzie Dog Publishing BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900021

3. “Who Do You Say I Am” (Sherry Anne LIVE! DVD Version) – Sherry Anne (3:37)
(Sherry Anne Lints, Toni Jolene Clay – Aryas Song Music/BMI, Yours For A Song/BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900022

4. “Just A Little Talk With Jesus” – Victory Side Quartet (3:32)
(Public Domain)
ISRC #: UST6V1900023

5. “Going To A City” – Point of Honor (2:05)
(Frankie Hiett King – Point of Honor Music/BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900024

6. “More Blessed Than Burdened” – The Frosts (4:31)
(Michael Jason Frost – Morning Frost Music/BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900025

7. “His Blood Redeems” – Tammy Jones Robinette (4:20)
(Ray Chip Davis, Tammy Jones Robinnette – Fozzy Boy Music/BMI, Tammy Jones Robinette MR&8 Music, BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900026

Christian Country Releases:

8. “Small Stuff” – Cindy Hughlett (4:14)
(Cindy Hughlett, Chad Roland – Cindy Hughlett Music/ASCAP, Middle C Melodies/BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900027

9. “Won’t Ever Be The Same” – Pardoned (3:12)
(Rusty Rowan – Rusty Rowan/BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900028

10. “Save Me From Myself” – Sam Durrence (3:24)
(Gerald Crabb – Gerald Crabb Songs/BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900029

11. “All Hail The Power” – Jeremy Calloway (2:51)
(Mark L Carman, Michael W Carman – Piney River Publishing/BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900030

Bluegrass Gospel Release:

12. “Call On God” – Tonja Rose (3:06)
(AJ Masters, Ken Harrell, Phil Everly – Warner -Tamerlane Pub/BMI, Everly and Sons Music/BMI, AJ Masters/SESAC)
ISRC #: UST6V1900031

Praise & Worship Release:

13. “Symphony” (LIVE feat. Jamie Bowman Schmidt) – Worth It Worship (6:50)
(Paula Stefanovich – NicNik Music/BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900032

14. Under Your Beautiful Wings (feat. Tim Fuggat) – Spring Hill Worship (4:24)
(Benjy Gaither, Mark Gersmel – Ghost Muncher Music/BMI, Avid Group Publishing/BMI, Lifetones Music/ASCAP, John Mathis Music/ASCAP)
ISRC #: UST6V1900033

Bonus Releases:

15. Who Do You Say I Am (Studio Version) – Sherry Anne (3:35)
(Sherry Anne Lints, Toni Jolene Clay – Aryas Song Music/BMI, Yours For A Song/BMI)
ISRC #: UST6V1900034

16. God’s Promises of Deliverance (feat Ben Speer) – Narration by Gene Bicknell (5:12)
(“His Eye Is On The Sparrow” feat. Ben Speer – Narration by Gene Bicknell)
(Public Domain)
ISRC #: UST6V1900035