There are some plaques hanging in the hall at the Mansion Entertainment offices that are reminders that the previous 16 Volumes of Mansion Radio Hits have contained some notable releases to radio. Mansion Radio Hits compilations have been instrument in several Singing News Number One’s, multiple Singing News Top 80 charting song, a Singing News Bluegrass Gospel Top 10 and multiple other chart successes.

Radio response is expected to be equally as favorable as Mansion Radio Hits Volume 17 ships to Southern Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel and Christian Country radio during the first week of February 2018. The new round of radio singles marks a renewed committment to servicing radio stations and programs with Bluegrass Music formats.

Mansion Radio Hits Volume 17 will also contain bonus releases from special guests  such as a release from Gerald Crabb, “He Loved Till He Died” with special guest Sonya Isaac. A new release from the GRAMMY Nominated artist T. Graham Brown, “The Power Of Love”, with special guests Jeff & Sheri Easter will also be available as a bonus release.

Digital releases will be available for download by radio programmers prior to February. Releases will be available to radio programmers via the Mansion website, with WAV files available through Dropbox. Programmers can subscribe to the Mansion Eblast Notification for access and updates.

For radio service contact John Mathis.

Complete track listing for Mansion Radio Hits Volume 17:

New Music Releases:

1. Steve Hess & Southern Salvation – “He Saw That It Was Good” (3:04)
Label: Mansion
(Dianne Wilkinson – Christian Taylor Music/BMI)

2. Cindy Hughlett – “Trust Me” (3:36)
Label: Mansion
(Cindy Hughlett – Cindy Hughlett Music/ASCAP)

3. Sherry Anne – “Little Lamb” (3:33)
Label: Mansion
(Libby Thomas – Grape Arbor Music/BMI)

4. Perkins Revival – “What A Wonderful Day” (4:17)
Label: Mansion
(Ricky Perkins – Chris White Music/BMI)

5. The Frosts – “That Which Cost Me Nothing” (4:34)
Label: Mansion
(Michael Jason Frost – Chris White Music/BMI, Asheville Music Publishing/BMI)

6. Christy Sutherland – “Softly And Tenderly” (3:28)
Label: Mansion
(Will Thompson – Public Domain)

7. Jody Watson – “Thank You God For My Momma” (3:56)
Label: Manor House
(Jody Watson – Jody Watson/BMI)

8. Gene Bicknell – “The Water And The Blood” (2:22)
Label: Mansion
(Gene Strasser – Country Party Music/BMI)

Bonus Releases:

9. Gerald Crabb (Special Guess: Sonya Isaacs) – “He Loved Till He Died” (3:21)
Label: Premier Crabb Productions
(Gerald Crabb – Gerald Crabb’s Songs/BMI)

10. T. Graham Brown (Special Guest: Jeff & Sheri Easter) – “The Power Of Love” (3:32)
Label: Mansion
(G. Nicholson, D. Cook – Four Sons Music/ASCAP, Sony/ATV Cross Keys/ASCAP, White Cottage Music/ASCAP)

Bluegrass Releases (Available on

11. East Ridge Boys – “Oh Dear Sinner” (3:45)
Label: Bluegrass Valley / Mansion
(Tom Burress – Tom-Me-Bee Publishing/BMI)

12. Tonja Rose – “When The Mountain Can’t Be Moved” (3:38)
Label: Bluegrass Valley / Mansion
(Tonja Rose, John Mathis – A J Not Y Music/ASCAP, Mansion Entertainment/BMI)

13. Brad Davis – “Mick Jagger Jesus” (3:45)
Label: Louisiana Hayride Records
(Paula Breedlove, Brad Davis, John Mathis – PaulaJon Music/ASCAP, Brad Davis Music/BMI, Keely Shaye Music/BMI, Mansion Entertainment/BMI)

14. Gerald Crabb (Special Guess: Sonya Isaacs) – “He Loved Till He Died” (3:21)
Label: Premier Crabb Productions
(Gerald Crabb – Gerald Crabb’s Songs/BMI)

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