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In September of 2017 Mansion Entertainment will begin it’s 9th year of providing Christian Music to radio. Over the past 8 years Mansion has provided Southern Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, Christian Country and other styles of Christian Music to radio with a long list of chart placements to show for the years of radio releases.

Their 16th radio compilation will be shipping to radio stations during the month of September, which will also coincide with the digital releases to programmers.

The new round of releases include many of the artists Mansion has been previously releasing to radio, but will also make welcome some new music for radio from Benjy Gaither, The Frosts, The Walkers, Keith McKinney, Wood Newton, The Fox Brothers and an instrumental from David Ash.

For radio programmers wishing to have download access please contact John Mathis.

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Click to listen to a preview of all the new releases.

Mansion Radio Hits Volume 16 Track Listing

1. Three Bridges – “Jesus Saves” (3:25)
(Glen A Bates, Glenn E Ashworth, Leslie Lee Jewell, Jr. – Beckie’s House/ASCAP)

2. Steve Hess & Southern Salvation – “Praise My Way Out” (3:32)
(Phil Mehrens – Sunday Best Music/ASCAP)

3. Crosby Lane – “At The Cross” (3:05)
(Public Domain)

4. Christy Sutherland – “Rock Of Ages” (3:08)
(Public Domain)

5. Ascension Quartet – “Salvation Is Found On A Cross” (2:49)
(Dianne Wilkinson – Christian Taylor Music/BMI)

6. Sherry Anne – “Singing This Song To You” (3:56)
(Sherry Anne Lints, Nick Bruno – Arya’s Song Music/BMI, Little Pal Music/BMI)

7. Perkins Revival – “When It’s My Time” (4:08)
(Chris White – Chris White Music/BMI)

New BONUS Releases:

8. Benjy Gaither – “Sheltor Of His Love” (2:46)
(Benjy Gaither – On Hook, Line and Music/ASCAP)

9. The Frosts – “Love You Just The Same” (4:25)
(Michael Jason Frost – Morning Frost Music/BMI)

10. The Walkers – “Holy Spirit Flow Through Me” (3:21)
(Geneva Walker – GHR Music/BMI)

11. Keith McKinney – “Where Shall I Be” (4:47)
(Public Domain)

12. Gene Bicknell – “Where Would Jesus Go” (4:04)
(Jimmy Jack Whitaker – Paxnell Music/BMI)

Christmas Releases 2017

13. T. Graham Brown – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” (3:55)
(Ralph Blane, Hugh Martin – EMI Feist Catalog Inc/ASCAP)

14. Wood Newton – “Mary’s Very First Christmas” (3:32)
(Wood Newton, Daniel Johnson, Mike Loudermilk – Rope A Note Music/BMI, Brown Box Music/BMI, Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em Songs/BMI)

15. Gene Bicknell – “Don’t Know If I’ll Be Home For Christmas” (3:52)
(Gene Bicknell – DMG/ASCAP)

16. The Fox Brothers – “Jesus Christ Is Born” (3:22)
(Daniel Johnson – Brown Box Music/BMI)

17. He Came Here For Me – “Three Bridges” (2:54)
(Rex Nelon – Boosey & Hawkes Inc/ASCAP)

18. What Child Is This? / O Holy Night – David Ash (4:24)
(Instrumental – Public Domain)



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