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Mansion Entertainment is releasing their 14th volume of radio singles at the end of October via it’s Mansion Radio Hits compilation disc. As part of that release, they’ve included several Christmas songs for radio programmers for the upcoming Christmas 2016 season. The digital release of the Christmas Music from Mansion Entertainment on Airplay Direct contains a few bonus Christmas tracks from Brad Davis and Tony Orlando and is already proving popular among radio programmers as it has been Number One downloaded album for the first two weeks in October on the Airplay Direct Holiday / Christmas album chart.

The Christmas Music releases includes music from T. Graham Brown, John Berry, Christy Sutherland, Local Honey, Gene Bicknell & Elli Lauren, Brad Davis, Tony Orlando, Crosby Lane and a song entitled “Louisiana Christmas Day” from Three Bridges that is dedicated to all the Louisiana flood victims this year who just want to be “home” for Christmas. Many are still displaced as they rebuild their homes from the massive flooding that occurred recently.

Radio programmers can download the new Christmas singles with the bonus track offerings by visiting Airplay Direct.

Airplay Direct, Christmas Music, Radio Programmers, New Christmas Music, Southern Gospel, Country Music, Country Christmas, Santa Claus, Christmas to radio, Louisiana floods

Mansion Radio Hits Volume 14 – Christmas Music has been popular among APD radio programmers.