SHSS Carry The Message

Salem Media Group, announced today the signing of Steve Hess & Southern Salvation as the inaugural artist for its Singing News Select Artist program. Beginning in January of 2015, Singing News began research to discover what it believed to be the next Christian music “break-out” artist, focusing on a variety of qualifiers including talent, overall quality representation of Christian music, core values and marketability.

Steve Hess & Southern Salvation is unquestionably one of America’s most exciting and spiritually uplifting artists in the Christian Music marketplace. The trio, comprised of Steve Hess (Baritone), Jay Arview (Lead) and John McCall (Tenor) are making a major impact, touring extensively across North America, appearing at more than two-hundred live engagements per year. In a statement by the group’s founder, Steve Hess, says, “I am so proud to have the opportunity to serve alongside these God-ordained men. We all truly believe God has brought us together for this time.”

The group has recently completed production on a new CD/album titled Carry the Message, which will be released on the Mansion Records label and distributed by SONY/Red. John Mathis of Mansion Records states, “Mansion is proud and excited to be a part of the very first Singing News Select release, particularly with these guys. This group of men (Steve Hess & Southern Salvation) is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Christ thru song, while encouraging the church with the good news that Jesus is Lord.”

In May, 2015, Steve Hess & Southern Salvation were the featured guest artists on the nationally syndicated radio program “The Gospel Greats” with host Paul Heil. After recording for an upcoming episode Paul had the following to say: “Seldom does one Gospel group bring together so many key attributes — great singing, a heart for ministry and a genuine love for people. Steve Hess & Southern Salvation is such a group. The message in their music is uncompromising, presented in an exciting way with a heart to reach people for Christ.”

According to Singing News General Manager, Kevin Anderson, “It is their dedication to excellence, and obvious understanding that everything they have accomplished is thru the grace and favor of God. That coupled with a determination to be servants for Christ makes Steve Hess & Southern Salvation one of the most promising new artists in Christian Music and why they were ultimately chosen as our inaugural Singing News Select Artist. I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for this group and don’t miss an opportunity to learn what pastors, promoters and fans across the country are so excited about.