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Category: New Music Friday Christian – Spotify

Pardoned on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday Christian’ Playlist

Spotifys New Music Friday Christian playlist, Christian Country

Each week Spotify selects 100 of the top new releases in all Christian Music genres to feature on it’s ‘New Music Friday Christian’ playlist. This is where 200,000-plus followers find new releases from Hillsong, Elevation, Zach Williams, Jeremy Camp and many of the top artists in Christian Music.

This weeks list of 100 of the……

Tonja Rose’s New Music Featured on ‘New Music Friday Christian’ (Spotify playlist)

New Music Friday Christian, Spotify playlist, "Goodness of God", Tonja Rose, John Mathis Jr.

Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday Christian’ playlist is a wonderful place to land with a new release. The playlist has a few hundred thousand followers.

That is where the new Tonja Rose release, “Goodness of God”, landed when it was released May 8th, 2021…….

“It Is Love” by Pardoned lands on ‘New Music Friday Christian’ Spotify Playlist

New Music Friday Christian, Spotify Playlist, Christian Country

Pardoned’s recent release of “It Is Love” landed on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday Christian’ playlist last Friday (4/9/2021). The playlist has 200,000 followers and includes 100 of the latest Christian Music releases.

The song is also the current radio single for the group, released by Mansion Entertainment. “It Is Love” was originally written and released……